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Pegliasco Green Service

Pegliasco Green Service - Nursery Pegliasco

It 'a service created for the hire of professional equipment for the care and management of turfs.
This service offers many advantages, to enable the operator able to satisfy the demands of the most demanding customers, offering them the expertise, and the maximum efficiency,


                                                                             ...you will find

...specific equipment for the care and the management of the lawn.

...a consulting service to optimize your time and show you the best solutions.

...the machines will always be ready, overhauled and very high performa


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How to regenerate the lawn ..... in all stages of  





1) Treatment of the ground

1) Treatment of the ground - Nursery Pegliasco

The treatment is performed on the ground with the sprayer than through the distribution of specific products provides the elimination of mushrooms and parasites which inhibit the normal growth of the lawn and favor the formation of the moss.

2) Ventilate the ground

2) Ventilate the ground - Nursery Pegliasco

The aeration allows you to remove the felt which is formed between the ground and the turf, allowing the oxygen to penetrate more easily, and this exchange counteracts the development of mushrooms and facilitates the development of micro-organisms that break down the dry grass, allowing the water and nutritional elements to reach the root system.

3) Core drilling the soil

3) Core drilling the soil - Nursery Pegliasco

When the soil is too compact the grass is not able to develop a strong root system, since it is not reached by the vital nutrients for the soil, such as water, oxygen, nitrate, phosphorous and potassium. The core drilling reduces soil compaction by removing evenly spaced ground carrots.

4) To regenerate

4) To regenerate - Nursery Pegliasco

This equipment is used to bury the seed in existing lawns, after a removal operation of the felt or a core drilling , partially chopping the carrots ground.

Nursery Pegliasco

Nursery Pegliasco