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The gardens

The gardens - Nursery Pegliasco

The design of the space to be devoted to your garden, it is a fundamental aspect to create harmony with the surrounding areas. Everything must be carefully studied in detail, and by us you will find the professionalism and competence, which together with your demands and the climatic conditions of the places surround you, they will give life to your PERSONAL PROJECT.                          Yeah...because you will be the authors, we limit ourselves to only make feasible YOUR GARDEN!

Rendering in 2D and 3D ... before ....

Rendering in 2D and 3D ... before .... - Nursery Pegliasco

With the cutting-edge software and a lot of experience, we are able to offer you a quality service, making you live what for you is just a dream. Here's how will be your garden after a photo shoot that turns into a RENDERING able to capture and realize your ideas.




(state of places)

...and after!

...and after! - Nursery Pegliasco

Here is the result of years of experience and field trials, to offer you the chance to realize YOUR dream!





(2D project realized in Côte d'Azur)


Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems - Nursery Pegliasco

The management of the water resources has always been an important issue for the proper development of green areas, whether they are parks, gardens, or public areas.
The careful analysis of flows and pressures derived from a correct planning that aims to support and maintain the right balance in terms of water supply and nutrients that the area needs.
The Nurseries Pegliasco will advise you to the best with suggestions that will satisfy even the most demanding customers, offering you the irrigation systems that range it from solar energy, which are managed through a weather station, up to the system controllable by Internet, with integrated GPRS modem to access to the web with internal antenna and water budget system.

Waterfalls and the water blades

Waterfalls and the water blades - Nursery Pegliasco

The Nurseries Pegliasco offer you a wide selection of ponds, waterfalls and the water blades, to enrich and embellish your corner of nature. They are made by natural materials, the waterfalls or the water blades will give you a touch of class to your surroundings, making you hear a nice sound.

Lama d'acqua Lama d'acqua [207 Kb]
Nursery Pegliasco

Nursery Pegliasco